Alexis Davis, LICSW
Providing tools
​for peaceful and effective parenting

Behavior toolkits tailored to the needs of you and your family

Parental guidance and support

As a child social worker for over 15 years, I have seen all sorts of behavior. In a residential care setting I was managing this behavior myself, so I've been in the trenches. As a therapist my role has shifted to helping kids learn to manage their emotions and helping caregivers manage the behaviors.   

I am trained in "Incredible Years" and "Triple P" which are two evidence-based models for parent training. There are a million books out there on the "right way" to parent and many of them contradict each other; therefore when I started private consultations my goal became to help families identify the right tools for them. Simply put, the tools won't work if they don't fit your style or your child's temperament.

Examples of problems I've helped parents address

  1. Toddler
    Behaviors such a tantrums, biting & hitting are typical at this age. Consistency, along with helping toddler's learn to communicate is key.
  2. Preschool
    Common issues include tantrums, picky eating, hitting and learning to wait and take turns. We can find strategies to develop the skills needed to address these issues.
  3. Elementary School
    This age struggles with listening, developing routines, homework and chores. Bullying is most common in this age group.
  4. Middle School
    Common age for difficulties with independence versus compliance, as well as friendships. Many parents struggle with how to have difficult conversations with this age group.